Healthcare Accreditation Certification Program

February 29, 2016
Hospital Accreditation and

There are other well respected certification programs available to healthcare professionals – and we applaud their efforts to help us grow both personally and professionally.

What makes HACP different is its focus on the accreditation and certification arena. We’ve talked to hundreds of healthcare professionals who’ve told us how much of their job involves complying with standards and regulation. Yet other certification programs spend little or no time in this area.

There is a legitimate need for a certification program that enables healthcare professionals to demonstrate their expert competency in an area that transcends the entire organization!

Being HACP certified:

  • Establishes your credentials as an expert in the accreditation / certification field.
  • Opens the door to a change in career or advancement in your current field.
  • Gives you a decided advantage when vying for a promotion or salary raise.
  • Gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to help your organization be successful!

We know how important it is to bear a professional credential that is both accepted and respected in the industry. We’ve taken key steps to assure that HACP meets the highest standards. The HACP exam was developed by experts in the field of hospital accreditation and regulatory compliance, and was rigorously peer reviewed and field tested.

We also assure that the HACP exam is administered in a valid and secure manner. On-line examinations are timed and the questions are randomized. In addition, key steps have been taken to assure security of the exam questions. See the Applicant Candidate Handbook for additional information.

Lastly, HACP is affordable! The examination fee is much less than comparable certifications and we’ve developed a program where continuing education units towards recertification can be obtained free of charge. In addition, key study materials are available at no cost, while an official study guide and practice exam are available for a nominal fee.


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