Nebraska Teacher Certification

March 11, 2018

If you want to work as a certified teacher in Nebraska, you need to understand the state’s licensing process and certification requirements. Because there is more than one way to obtain Nebraska teaching certification, it’s important to learn about your options in order to maximize your chances of success.

Requirements for certified teachers in Nebraska

According to the Nebraska Department of Education, you can qualify for a Nebraska teaching license if you have a bachelor’s degree, have completed an approved teacher education program, and have passed the relevant exams. These include the PRAXIS Core Academic Skills tests and a PRAXIS II content area test appropriate to the subject and grade you want to teach.

You must also submit to a background check, and you must have teaching experience or college credit hours completed in the five years immediately preceding your application. Finally, you must complete training in human relations and special education.

Though it’s possible to complete your teacher education program after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in a different subject area, most people who apply for teacher certification have a bachelor’s degree in education. If you choose this route to certification, you will specialize in a certain grade level and/or subject area, which will determine the type of certification you apply for when the program is over.

After you complete your teacher education program, you will apply for your Initial Teaching Certificate from the state of Nebraska. Teaching licenses in Nebraska are typically valid for five years.

Nebraska jobs for licensed teachers

Obtaining a regular teaching certificate isn’t the only way to become a certified teacher in Nebraska. Depending on your circumstances, you may also qualify for other forms of licensure. Below are the various teaching certificates offered to educators by the state of Nebraska.

National Board
National Board
Rising Above-Indiana’s National Board Certified Teachers
Rising Above-Indiana’s National Board Certified Teachers
Tips (From National Board Certified Teachers)
Tips (From National Board Certified Teachers)
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