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June 30, 2017

Florida offers a number of traditional and alternative educator preparation routes that lead to full Professional certification. Some routes are direct pathways to the Professional Certificate. For other routes, the individual first teaches under a Temporary Certificate and then moves to the Professional Certificate.

This webpage includes information on Florida's:

Educator Preparation Routes

The Routes to a Florida Professional Certificate Chart (PDF, 99KB) shows all of the educator preparation options, traditional and alternative, leading to the full Professional Certificate. The chart is separated into three distinct route types - teacher preparation programs, certificate reciprocity, and other alternative routes. It also includes details for each preparation option with links to websites that provide additional information on each route.

Direct Pathways to a Professional Certificate

Many applicants go directly to the full Professional Certificate by following one of these pathways:

  1. Valid Certificate Issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
  2. Teacher Education Degree Program and Passing Florida Certification Examinations
  3. Educator Preparation Institute Program and Passing Florida Certification Examinations
  4. Two Semesters of Full-Time College Teaching Experience, Passing the Florida Professional Education Test, and Passing the Florida Subject Area Examination (for a bachelor's level subject). [NOTE: A graduate level subject requires the graduate degree/coursework specified in the governing State Board Rule in addition to Passing the Florida Subject Area Examination.]

Need help determining the Florida subject that matches your current credentials? See our list of Florida certification subjects and our chart of Florida subjects that compare to NBPTS certification areas.

Pathways to a Temporary Certificate

Applicants who do not currently meet all requirements for a Professional Certificate, can qualify for the Temporary Certificate with one of these pathways:

  1. Bachelor's Degree with a Valid Certificate Issued by American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE)
  2. Bachelor's Degree with a Major in the Content Area
  3. Bachelor's Degree with Required Courses and 2.5 GPA in the Content Area

Pathways to Move from a Temporary to a Professional Certificate

Source: www.fldoe.org
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