Project Management Certification New York

August 14, 2019
May 2010 - Bank of America

Will this course give me the 35 Contact hours of project management education needed to qualify for the PMP exam?

Yes this course counts as the 35 contact hours needed to qualify for the PMP exam.

Will this course prepare me to pass the PMP or CAPM exam?

Yes, our course will thoroughly prepare you to pass either exam. The PMP is not an exam of memorization but for understanding the concepts. Our course is designed to give students a practical approach to the many processes listed in the PMBOK 5TH Edition. We use a variety of scenarios and case studies to ensure you understand the concepts.

Is this course accredited by PMI?

Yes this course is accredited by PMI. We are a registered Education provider of PMI. Our courseware has been reviewed and validated by PMI for quality, completeness, and accuracy. Our REP Provider ID is 3333.

Where is the school located?

If I take the classroom course can I do a few days Online?

Yes you could. If you sign up for a classroom course you can attend a few days Online Also if you sign up for an Online course you can attend a few days in the classroom.

Why is the tuition much lower than other schools?

Our tuition is much lower than other training providers because we have optimized our business processes to ensure quality training at a reasonable price. As a smaller school with lower overhead we are able to provide a great class and better value to our students.

What are your instructors like?

We only hire the best instructors. Our instructors for PMP must have a minimum of 10 years of experience in project management and at least 5 years of teaching experience. Combined, our instructors have taught PMP to over 10, 000 individuals and companies. Call us if you would like to speak to the instructor, who would be teaching your class.

How many students pass the PMP or CAPM exam after the class?

We currently maintain a proven 97% passing rate for all of our students. Each year we help hundreds of students pass their PMP or CAPM exam on the first try.

Does my experience qualify for the exam?/p>

Most experience in project management work counts toward experience for the exam. Please call us at 212-564-2351 to speak to one of our instructors to review your work history to determine if you qualify for the PMP or CAPM exam.

Why should I choose your training over other PMP training Providers?

Choosing a training provider can be tough choice. We all claim to offer the best value, in terms of price, passing rates, and guarantee. The Technical Institute of America offers the lowest price, one of the best passing rate, and an excellent guarantee. As a New York State licensed school and Better Business Bureau Accredited business we can honestly say what we offer is the truth and you can verify it. It’s the reason why we offer the dual money back guarantee.

Do you ever cancel a class because you don’t have enough students?

No, we never cancel a class. We will teach a class with 1 registered student if we have to. If unforeseen circumstances arise such as bad weather, instructor health or family problems and we have to cancel a class, we will offer all students a 100% full refund or reschedule to another class.

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