Anesthesia Technician Certification

September 18, 2015
Anesthesia Technicians

Easily-downloadable handbooks are available on the ASATT website to provide students with more information on both the technician and technologist exams. These handbooks cover various topics, ranging from the application process to the testing process and even special arrangements for people with disabilities. Individuals looking for in-depth information can find extensive information in these handbooks. Once candidates have submitted their exam applications, they should receive notice of their eligibility within approximately two weeks. This notice is good for 90 days, but if a candidate fails to schedule and take an exam within those 90 days, they lose their exam rights and all application fees. Exams are generally available at test sites at 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and on one Saturday of each month. A list of centers can be found at

Since the anesthesia tech certification exam will expire as of July 15, 2015, much of the content here will focus on the technologist exam. This exam is broken into two parts, the perioperative environment, which includes 70 items, and the anesthesia specific topics section, which is comprised of 55 items. At least six books are referenced in the exam handbook to use for studying, two of which include “Understanding Anesthesia Equipment, Construction, Care and Complications” by Dorsch and Dorsch and “Clinical Anesthesia Handbook” by Barsh, Cullen and Stoelting. The remaining recommended books can be found on page seven of the anesthesia technologist exam handbook.

When arriving at an AMP center to take your certifying exam, you can also take a practice test. This practice test does not detract from the time you will be given on the actual exam, for which you have three hours to complete 125 questions. Immediately upon completing the exam, a supervisor will be able to give you a pass or fail score on the exam, which will be based upon the number of questions that you answer correctly. Should you fail an exam, you can take it again by completing the reapplication form and submitting a fee. However, if you wait 90 days or more, you will need to submit a new application and the full fee. There is no limit to the number of times that you can take an ASATT exam.

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