Personal Trainer Certification NYC

June 17, 2016
Personal Trainer Certification

Academy of Applied Personal Training Education - Established 1996 - *Excellence*AAPTE - Personal Training Education and Nationally Accredited Certification
Established in 1996, The Academy of Applied Personal Training Education’s (AAPTE) goal was to provide a course of study that merges theoretical science and practical skill training; minimizes liability for trainers, clients and club owners; and maximizes the outcome of the trainer-client relationship.

AAPTE, in alliance with Hofstra University Continuing Education, has been the driving force in the educational process for fitness professionals. AAPTE's commitment to the initiative set back in 1996 to “exceed industry standards” still holds true today. They continue to enforce that goal by offering a restructured and enhanced educational course of study specifically designed to prepare the aspiring fitness professional for this evolving and emerging profession

AAPTE’s unique educational curriculum provides comprehensive course work introducing students to current, relevant, scientific information relating to the human body, human performance, and methods of implementing safe, effective and efficient client centered exercise programming and instruction. In addition to classroom education (theory), students participate in live (hands-on) practical skills training modules where the theoretical and practical aspects of analyzing and teaching resistance training exercise and fitness assessments merge and are practiced in a state-of-the-art training center.

Program Highlights

  • Seventy-five (75) hours of classroom theory (*includes 12 hours of anatomy, meeting the prerequisite for AAPTE CPT-EFS Exam eligibility) NOTE: Those with prior coursework in anatomy or a current nationally recognized personal trainer certification are exempt from the prerequisite course.
  • Eighteen (18) hours of hands-on education taught at a state-of-the-art fitness center; Topics include: pre-exercise screening, fitness assessments and resistance training exercise biomechanics.
  • Optional one-hour review session is offered before each class. Course concludes with a three-hour summary review.
  • Lectures presented by subject matter experts.
  • All course materials included.
  • Course includes a one-time, optional AAPTE CPT-EFS Certification Exam fee.*
  • Hofstra University Continuing Education – Academy of Applied Personal Training Education certificate of course work completion.**
  • Approved for veterans benefits.
  • Interest-free tuition payment plans available.

*This course is not a requirement to sit for the AAPTE CPFT-EFS Exam but is recommended for those seeking a classroom and practical skill learning experience as well as those preparing to sit for the AAPTE Certified Personal Trainer – Exercise and Fitness Specialist (CPT-EFS) exam leading to Nationally Accredited Certification. Participation in the Personal Trainer – Exercise and Fitness Specialist course does not guarantee a candidate's success in passing the AAPTE CPT-EFS Exam. Visit for exam eligibility requirements.

**Certificate of Program Completeion: Upon completion of the program and meeting the attendance requirements (participant may miss only two lecture modules and one lab module), participants receive a certificate of completion in course work from Hofstra University Continuing Education and the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education. (Certificate is not a certification.)

NCCA – Accrededited Certification Exam For CPT – EFS
Those seeking certification as a Certified Personal Trainer-Exercise and Fitness Specialist must sit for and pass the AAPTE CPT-EFS Exam. The CPT-EFS exam is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the accreditation body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE).

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