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June 29, 2020

TrainerI would argue that the person working only ten hours is much, much richer. An extra 30 hours a week to spend with friends and family or building your business is absolutely priceless. Time is why the ten-hour a week person is richer; they have the luxury of time.

So how do we turn each and every one of you into the ten-hour a week $50, 000.00 a year trainer, or even the 20 hour a week $100, 000.00 a year trainer? It is a lot easier than you think and it is actually quite easy if you follow a few simple rules.

Becoming A Personal Trainer I was hoping to become one soon but I'm not really sure on any of the specifics, as in the tons of organizations, where their recognized, how employment works, how to actualy get the license.
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These rules apply both to Independent and In-house Trainers in the clubs. Independent Trainers have more freedom in general, including with pricing, and In-house Trainers can earn a healthy living working inside of a health club.

There is a lot less risk involved in going to work in one spot, and working for a club as a trainer is still filled with a lot of freedom, especially when you compare it to most other careers out there. In-house trainers can still follow the same simple rules and make the most they possibly can inside the club with the least amount of effort.

Trainer Giving 110% Of Your Effort

Has a manager, a coach or a teacher ever asked you to give 110%? I hear it all the time, and it is ridiculous, you can only ever give 100% of your effort. This brings me to the Pareto principal, which is more commonly known as the 80/20 rule. The Pareto Principle is that 20% of your effort is responsible for 80% of your return. Meaning 20 percent of your work brings you 80 percent of your money.

Don't believe it? Well the 80/20 rule is an average that applies to just about everything, e.g. 20% of your floor get 80% of the foot traffic, 20% of the world population holds 80% of the worlds wealth, 20% of the drivers cause 80% of traffic accidents. It goes on and on.

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You Can Only Give
100% Of Your Effort.

So when trying to build your business, that means that that don't try to put 100% of your effort into it, just your best 20%. Why? Because your 100% has a whole lot of unproductiveness mixed in with it.

When prospecting, focus the best of your efforts, 20% is an average, so you can begin by focusing 10% of your efforts on building new business. Set up a time to be productive, put it in your schedule as an appointment so you will be sure to get done.

Training Psychology!
Motivation to train is a funny thing, it's either stimulated internally or externally. In this article I will talk about types of clients and the myth of ‘No Pain, No Gain’.
Charles Glass

Write it in your book and treat it like a paid appointment that cannot be moved or cancelled. 10% of 60 minutes is only 6 minutes. For 6 minutes, hit the gym floor and focus on setting appointments. Six minutes is the minimum, if you can do more effectively, do more.

There are 40 hours in a traditional workweek, begin by scheduling 10% for building your business, which is only four hours a week. For those four-hours, you must force yourself to be productive. For an average of only 6 minutes an hour, you need to be focused on the single-minded task of growing your business. 6 minutes of focused effort can equal 0 an hour, twice a week totaling an additional , 400.00 a year.

TrainerThat means that at least once every hour while in the gym you spend 10% of the time laser focused on setting appointments for first workouts, ignoring all distractions. 10% is the minimum; if you can do 20% stay out there for 12 minutes, but then take a break.

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Spend 10% Of The
Time Making Appointments..

Outside of the gym, force yourself to strike up a conversation with a stranger, break out of your comfort zone and spend ALL of your prospecting time speaking to people you do not know. Follow the 80/20 rule, give your best and then recharge so that you can do it again.

Below are a few simple rules to follow while giving your best 20% that will help you build your business in the shortest amount of time possible. They are effective both inside and outside of a health club setting.

Six Simple Rules To Prospecting Effectively

1. Be Unavailable

  • When prospecting, you are looking for only the best prospects that are interested in buying what you have to offer right now, even if all you are selling is an appointment for a complimentary first workout.
Marketing Tips For Trainers! Marketing tips for trainers. Learn more from 8 descriptive ideas to improve your marketing and how you are perceived by clients!
Dr. David Ryan
  • If you prospect the floor with the composure of "I am just here to help" and "I am not looking for new clients", people will want to train with you, they will be drawn to you as a trainer. That eliminates the need for a free first workout, now you can charge for a first workout. The assumption most people will make is that a busy trainer is a good trainer, and people often want what they cannot have.

2. Prospect Like A Manager Would

  • As a trainer, I followed these rules to pick up clients quickly, but when I was managing health clubs, it was always a lot easier to set first workouts for the trainers I managed. Approach prospects and always set an appointment for "one of your trainers." After they agree, let them know that you will train them yourself since you are interested in seeing them reach their goal.

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Let Them Know You Want
To See Them Reach Their Goal.
  • I have found this to be one of the easiest and best ways to set first workouts. Casually walk up to a prospect, build rapport and then simply offer to set the prospect up with a complimentary one on one personal training session with one of your teammates. If they say no, it is not to you but to your offer. There is absolutely no tension involved on either side of the interaction, no pressure at all.
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