Cheapest Personal Training Certification

May 24, 2016
Luke Madden

Here’s a workout irony for you: It turns out the same company that sells some of the city’s most expensive personal training sessions is also peddling some of the cheapest.

Luxe workout chain Equinox is known for its super serious four-tier trainer certification program, which allows it to charge a premium for sessions with its uber-qualified professionals.

But the same qualified professionals (at the Tier 1 level) are now being deployed as trainers at the company’s budget Blink Fitness locations. Which means Blink’s scrappy members paying $20 or $25 monthly memberships also have access to 30 minutes of personal training for $30 (as low as $27 with a package). Did anyone else know this??

Considering it’s nearly impossible to book a 60-minute training session for less than $100 in New York—and that a spot in a group fitness class at a boutique studio averages $33—this is a huge deal. Factor in the rate at which Blink is growing in the five boroughs, and this fall you could find everyone’s suddenly seeing a whole lot more of their trainers.

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