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August 4, 2016
First Things First: Get Your

From the UK to Canada, United States to Australia, and everywhere in between, Jonathan Goodman has been answering questions about succeeding in personal training to 100’s of thousands of trainers Worldwide since 2009. For the first time ever, these 48 invaluable answers have all been compiled into one handy reference – no stone is left unturned. It’s available as a paperback and Kindle via Amazon.

On Business Systems and Marketing

– Daniel Kahnamen

As a psychologist, Kahnamen won the Nobel Prize in economics for the establishment of behavioral economics. You will not read a more important book on the human condition and its relation to business. I omitted half a dozen other books from this list because they are simply reworkings of Kahnamen’s book. Go to the source. Take your time with this one.

– Dan Gilbert

Perhaps the most notable thing that makes us human is our ability to predict the future. And, even though it constantly preoccupies us, we’re terrible at it. This is one of my all-time favorite books. It went a long way to help me understand my clients better and learning to tell the difference between what they said and what they were going to do.

– Seth Godin

A major influence on me. I’ve gifted Linchpin to more people than any other book. The reason? Godin taught me how to get noticed and set myself apart from the crowd. In a World where it takes a weekend to become a personal trainer, becoming indispensable in your client’s minds is imperative.

– Malcolm Gladwell

Everything that’s worth having in this World takes time. “Trust the process” is often repeated but never was it fully understood until Gladwell’s iconic work was released. I can tell you from my experience that when something tips, things are good. Very good.

– Robert Greene

Everything relationship is a power struggle. Your relationships with your clients are no different. These laws became my guide when I was a trainer and they still serve me well as an entrepreneur. Follow them unabashedly.

Best Personal Training Certifications
Best Personal Training Certifications
Personal Trainers Certification
Personal Trainers Certification
The Best Certification to Become a Personal Trainer Ep 130
The Best Certification to Become a Personal Trainer Ep 130
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