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November 25, 2016
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Introduction: How to tell if you are Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam ready? PMP sample exams help a lot, especially if the practice exams are to be carried out in a simulated environment similar to the real PMP exam. Below is a list of suggested free PMP sample exam questions for aspirants to test their exam readiness.

Note: If you have just begun your PMP exam journey and would like to learn more about the PMP Exam and preparation as well as reading my PMP experience, please visit my PMP exam journey here.

One of the most frequent question a PMP aspirant will ask is: am I PMP exam ready? It is not only a waste of time and money if you take the actual PMP test questions when you are still not ready yet, think of the enormous pressure you have to endure sitting 4 hours before the screen and 15 seconds of blank screen for the result to appear.

How to know if you are ready for the real PMP exam?

By looking at your mock PMP examination questions results. As a rule of thumb proposed by many PMP prep books and materials, if you can consistently score above 75% for all mock PMP exam questions you have tackled, it is safe to say that you can pass the PMP exam.

However, there is also another question in my head: what if I want to pass with better results? Sadly, I could not get the answer before my PMP exam.

Note: If you need to more quality PMP sample Exam questions to practice, scroll down to read my recommendation of 1800 PMP questions for US$100.

That’s why I wrote this post for fellow PMP Certification aspirants. Below is the list of free/cheap PMP exam questions I have tackled during my preparation for the PMP PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition examination and my first-time results for those PMP sample exams. Trying the same exam 2 or 3 times is often good for practice, but if you would like to assess whether you are exam ready, remember to evaluate only with your first-time results. Though the PMP practice exams listed below are free, the quality is superb. If you are already well prepared for the PMP exam, you can just rely on the free resources below to help you pass the PMP certification without difficulties.

This is the remarks of a reader, Sita Tangirala, PMP, who made use of the benchmark results to “forecast” the real PMP Exam results:

I tried my best to get your scores during my mock exams, bought PM Exam Simulator but only wrote 3 tests got 76-80% in them, then Head First got 76%, then Oliver’s 175 I got 64%. Yesterday I compared my results to your scores (which I got around 5 to 10% less) and I though I might be getting moderately proficient in all the areas. Today I wrote the exam. I passed with 4 MPs and a below proficient in planning. Based on my experience, your mock scores are really a very good benchmark to analyse the individual performance in the real PMP Exam.

List of Free Quality PMP Exam Sample Questions

My PMP Proficiency Levels according to Domains
Domain Name My Results
Initiation Proficient
Monitoring and Controlling
Closing Moderately Proficient

The information above may serve as a benchmark for your estimation of your PMP exam results. These exams are absolutely free (some requires registration) and are more than enough for your mock exam needs if you can score anywhere above 80%. All the questions are of very high qualities and the explanations to the answers are very detailed. The fourth one (HeadFirst PMP Mock Exam) is still based on the 4th edition of PMBOK Guide at the moment but nearly all questions are relevant to the 5th edition exam.

If you are tight on budget, you may just exploit the above free PMP exam questions for your exam success!

Need More PMP Practice / Sample Questions?

However, if you would like to get more hands-on experience to be better prepared for the real PMP exam, you might like to explore the PM Exam Simulator (90-day Access) for around US$100 dollars with 9 FULL PMP sample exams (1800 questions). The PM Exam Simulator is created by the publisher of the PM PrepCast™ (which I used to prepare my PMP exam successfully). The quality of the PMP sample exam question bank is very good and has been thoroughly updated for the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition. The user interface looks much like that of the real PMP exam and the level of difficulties is somewhat on par with real PMP exam questions. So, after tackling these 9 full PMP sample exams in addition to the free PMP practice exam questions provided above, you will be more confident in taking the real PMP exam!

Hope this resource will help you with your PMP preparation. If you find PM Exam Simulator suitable and if you enjoy my PMP articles, please consider buying it though the links on this page. I will earn a small commission (at NO extra cost to you) to sustain my website costs. Thank you.

PMP Practice Test Answers
PMP Practice Test Answers
PMI-ACP Practice Test A.wmv
PMI-ACP Practice Test A.wmv
uCertify PMI-RMP Practice Test
uCertify PMI-RMP Practice Test
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