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August 16, 2016
This NCAA-accredited program

Founded in 1996, the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE), with headquarters in East Meadow, New York, is a professional personal training education, continuing education and certification organization acting in the public interest, by establishing and enforcing education, examination, experience and ethics requirements for the fitness professional. The AAPTE's President and Resistance Training Specialist, Vincent Carvelli, defined one of the organization's primary purposes from its inception as, "one that would merge the theoretical sciences of human anatomy, physiology and resistance training biomechanics and incorporate aspects of nutrition and psychology, with the practical skills needed by professionals in the field of personal training."

The AAPTE began in 1996 as a one week course and expanded to become a ten-week comprehensive program taught by subject matter experts, including hands-on participation in a fitness facility concluding with a comprehensive exam. With increasing local response and accolades, Vincent Carvelli and his staff at the AAPTE, with its commitment to its members and students, formed a relationship with Hofstra University College for Continuing Education to host its personal trainer course. In 2004, the AAPTE began a reorganization and initiative to become a nationally accredited certification with the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA).

AAPTE's mission and goal is to prepare fitness professional with the skills and knowledge that support the health and safety of the exercising population.

Vincent has been president of the organization since 1996. He is one of the founders of the AAPTE and has often been called the 'trainer to the trainers'. He is a respected Resistance Training Specialist and recognized as one of country's top instructors of resistance training biomechanics. With Vincent at the helm, the AAPTE has grown and evolved into three primary organizations, education, continuing education and certification. It has emerged from being a respected Long Island (Nassau County), New York based educational resource to a nationally recognized education and certification organization.

The AAPTE's education organization has evolved from a single course curriculum in 1996 to being a in health and fitness for other recognized personal trainer organizations, certified personal trainers, health and fitness instructors in schools, private health clubs, as well as providing programs for the general public. There are over 25 different rotating continuing education course topics and our curriculum continues to grow. Each course receives special attention to detail and on-going discussions by its subject matter experts to review and respond to new scientific evidence, discuss trends in the industry and set trends of its own.

In 2002, IHRSA, International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, the leading trade association representing the private health and fitness industry, began working with some of the fitness industry's leading personal training certification groups on an initiative to promote safety for consumers working with personal trainers in health clubs. Recognizing the increasing importance of personal training in health, fitness and sports clubs, IHRSA recommended that "member clubs hire personal trainers holding at least one current certification from a certifying organization / agency that has obtained third-party accreditation of its certification procedures and protocols from an independent, experienced, and nationally recognized accrediting body. Furthermore, given the twenty-six year history of the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) as an organization dedicated to establishing quality standards for certifying agencies, IHRSA has identified the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the accreditation body of NOCA, as being an acceptable accrediting organization".

The Academy of Applied Personal Training Education received NCCA Accreditation of its Personal Trainer-Exercise Fitness Specialist Certification by demonstrating the program's compliance with the Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs. The NCCA accreditation helps to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public through the accreditation of a variety of certification programs/organizations that assess professional competency. The NCCA uses a peer review process to:

  • Establish accreditation standards;
  • Evaluate compliance with the standards;
  • Recognize organizations / programs which demonstrate compliance;
  • Serve as a resource on quality certification.

The AAPTE's purpose in obtaining third party accreditation is in line with our goal, set forth in 1996, "to provide certification to personal trainers that would meet and exceed industry standards." Vincent Carvelli and his staff provide a course(s) of study that encompass theoretical and practical learning; minimize liability for trainers, clients, and club owners; and maximize the outcome of the trainer-client relationship. "We differentiate ourselves", he adds, "by offering an educational experience that's comprehensive both practically and theoretically, which prepares AAPTE candidates to enter the personal-training field with the critical thinking and practical application skills required to become a driving force in the industry."

"It is important that we, as an organization, help provide the public with skilled professionals to assist them with maintaining or improving functional independence, helping to prevent diseases that can be prevented, helping with symptoms and conditions where we can help and knowing that each person is an individual with specific abilities, needs, and goals." There are challenges and understanding that is important to help each population's needs, from adolescents, athletes, geriatrics to the general exerciser. As educators we must teach the necessary skills required to preserve and enhance our physiology and structural integrity.

The AAPTE is grateful to its original co-founder Dr. Matthew Rosman, all of its current and past students, staff, instructors, certified members and organizations for their continued support, feedback and affirmations of its mission. It is also grateful to Hofstra University for its continued support of the AAPTE's mission and program.

The AAPTE continues to invest its resources to ensure its certificants, and the public they serve, the highest standards and requirements for obtaining certification. The AAPTE is committed to continue to further the initiatives toward standardizing the health and fitness industry for the betterment of all through its affiliations and support of other like-minded organizations. National recognition was a major milestone for the AAPTE and one representing its announcement to the industry and public of its commitment to making the population healthier.

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