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May 18, 2016
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During this series of four online courses, you will acquire a solid background in nursing informatics you need in your current role, to prepare for a future in nursing informatics, or to contribute to continuing education requirements needed for certification. Throughout the four semesters you will:

  • Gain knowledge and skills to enhance patient-care delivery
  • Utilize nursing research
  • Provide patient education through information technology
  • Develop skills to enhance patient-care delivery

You should plan on a minimum of six- to eight-hours' work each week for course readings, assignments, and required interaction with classmates and course faculty in each course. Specific requirements for each course are provided within the course itself.

Required courses to earn this professional certificate include:

Course 1 must be completed before proceeding to course 2 or 3. Course 4 is the final course in the series. You must successfully complete each course with at least an 80% competency to receive a contact hour record for the individual course. After successfully completing all four courses in the Nursing Informatics certificate program for contact hours, you will receive a professional certificate of completion. The professional certificate is not a license and does not convey certification or certified status, but is recognition of accomplishments in a specialized area of practice.

To earn the certificate, all four courses in the certificate program must be successfully completed within a 2 year (24 month) time period. The two-year timeframe only applies if you wish to earn the professional certificate.

Learn more about ANCC eligibility requirements for informatics nursing certification. Taking the courses for contact hours will fulfill the requirements for continuing education for the certification.Each course also may be taken independently for a contact hour record only. For more information, review the online courses page.

All of the courses follow the IUPUI graduate academic calendar and are subject to cancellation up to the session date indicated. When registering for this program as a non-academic (contact hours) professional certificate, please choose a sequence that will accommodate the introductory course first and the practicum last.

Each course also may be taken for academic credit, either individually or as a component of an academic graduate certificate. Completion of the certificate program fulfills the educational requirements for eligibility for the ANCC certification as an informatics nurse only when taken for academic credit. If you wish to pursue an academic graduate certificate or take one of these courses for academic credit, visit the Nursing Informatics academic graduate certificate page for more information.

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