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January 25, 2019

When can I register for the upgrade exam?
You can begin registering for the upgrade exam now - go to and register today!

Earning Your Java SE 7 Certification (New Candidates)

Why should I get Java SE 7 certified?
Getting certified is an investment in yourself and in your career. The study, training and practice that you experience as a part of becoming certified will increase your skills and knowledge. Java certification is one of the most recognized programming credentials in the world, and by becoming Java SE 7 certified - you show your employer, peers, and customers that you are proficient in the latest advances in Java programming.

What exams are required in order to become certified on Java SE 7?
You can view the certification requirements for each Java SE 7 certification in the table above as well as on our website.

Is training required in order to become certified?
Training is highly recommended, however candidates pursuing the OCA and OCP Java SE 7 Programmer certifications are not required to complete training. Oracle University training is one of the best ways to help prepare for the certification exam and will contribute to your success as a Java Programmer.

Is training required before taking an exam?
Requirements for certification may be met in any order, however all requirements must be met before a certification will be granted (without exception). This includes any test, prerequisite certification (if applicable) or required training (if applicable).

Will there be a Master-level Developer level for Java SE 7?
A Master-level credential for SE 7 is under evaluation for possible development.

How can I find out what to study or what training is recommended?
You will find exam topics and recommended training specific to each exam on the exam page.

Do I have to earn the OCA certification before I can earn OCP?
Yes. For Java SE 7 Programmer, the OCA level is a now a prerequisite to OCP, Java SE 7 Programmer.

Why is OCA required before OCP?

For Java SE 7 certification, Oracle has made significant changes (and upgrades) to the Associate level certification. Beyond just conceptual, knowledge-oriented objectives, candidates for OCA will be required to apply a multitude of programming skills and tasks at a practitioner level.
Oracle Certified JAVA Programmer
Oracle Certified JAVA Programmer
[PDF Download] OCP Java SE 7 Programmer II Certification
[PDF Download] OCP Java SE 7 Programmer II Certification ...
Sun Certified Java Programmer Training By ATHand Solutions
Sun Certified Java Programmer Training By ATHand Solutions
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