Fitness Certification Programs

August 15, 2017
I Fitness Certification

The AFPA Group Fitness Instructor Certification course is designed to prepare individuals to teach any group fitness exercise program safely and effectively through the development of leadership and technical skills.

Aquatic Fitness Instructor Certification

The Aquatic Fitness Instructor Certification program is designed to prepare participants for designing challenging and effective aquatic classes for groups, individuals and various populations.

Kickboxing Instructor Certification

Enroll in the Kickboxing Instructor Certification Course and learn to successfully teach Cardio Kickbox classes in a health club, martial arts school, corporate wellness center and at a university physical education department.

Youth Fitness Specialist® Certification

This comprehensive Certified Youth Fitness Specialist program helps practitioners build successful programs for children that will meet the challenging health demands of the 21st century.

Cycle Instructor Certification

This course is designed for the instructor who wants to expand their teaching capabilities to indoor cycling. This program utilizes various cycling programs’ strengths to create a well-rounded cycle instructor who can teach on any indoor cycle.

Pilates Instructor Mat Certification - Level I - (Beginner - Intermediate)

This certification program was designed for fitness professionals who desire to learn more about the practice of Joseph Pilates and how to implement the teachings into a group or one on one setting.

Pilates Instructor Props Certification - Level II - (Advanced)

The AFPA Pilates Instructor Props Certification – Level II program is designed for instructors who have previous experience with classical Pilates Mat exercises. It is strongly recommended that participants have prior knowledge of anatomy, experience in teaching a related form of movement and/or exercise, as well as have completed the AFPA Pilates Fitness Instructor – Level I (Mat) Certification Program, or similar thereof.

Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist Certification

This certification program will provide various exercise programs that are safe and effective for those who will be instructing and training the pre-natal or post-natal client.

Stability Ball Training Certification

This Certification Program was developed to promote safe, yet challenging stability ball exercises to instructors and personal trainers. This program is a hands-on way to learn more about the benefits of using the stability exercise ball.

Yoga Instructor Certification - Level I (Beginner - Intermediate)

This certification program educates participants on various Yoga techniques and how to incorporate them into an individual and group setting. You will learn modifications, adjustments in postures and aspects of various Yoga styles.

Yoga Instructor Certification - Level II (Advanced)

Building on the AFPA Yoga Instructor - Level I, this course introduces the student to a further range of postures and opens up a whole new world of well-being. It expands your capabilities and moves on to cover more advanced possibilities.

JrFit™ Youth Fitness Specialty Certification*
JrFit™ Youth Fitness Specialty Certification*
Outdoor Fitness Certification (CYQ) - YMCAfit
Outdoor Fitness Certification (CYQ) - YMCAfit
Group Fitness Certification
Group Fitness Certification
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