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February 12, 2017
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Software applications are deployed in nearly every facet of modern life; in fact, it's rare to discover an activity in which computers don't play a role. This ubiquity has created a need for technical professionals who can create, maintain and enhance these applications, which explains why programmers-especially those with cutting edge skills in the newest technologies-remain in such high demand.

Silicon Valley's Richest Course Offerings

Our certificate in Computer Programming provides a solid working knowledge of programming-and goes beyond the foundation to teach how to apply that expertise to platforms and applications across the industry, from Window-based X86 to Internet-based programming and small mobile device platforms. In addition to a comprehensive list of programming languages, we also emphasize programming applications and methodologies. Courses explain basic models and emphasize software practices that increase productivity, optimize code, and enable the creation of reusable software components.

Curriculum Keeps Pace with Industry Trends

Because all of our instructors have years of experience working in their fields, we constantly update our curriculum to keep up with industry developments. Our curriculum covers nearly all major platforms. Many courses use open source tools in a lab environment to give students hands-on experience in programming projects.

Benefits of Studying at UCSC Silicon Valley Extension

  • Richest software course offerings in Silicon Valley
  • University of California quality reputation
  • Unique and practical courses designed to enhance job skills
  • Wide variety of advanced topics and specializations
  • Certificate recognizes advanced knowledge and expertise
  • Courses taught by expert working professionals
  • Instructor-led learning with interactive Q&A
  • Networking with fellow Silicon Valley students
  • Convenient schedule and Silicon Valley location
  • More than 15 courses available online, anywhere, anytime

The knowledge gained here can be applied immediately on the job.

Who Should Attend This Program

  • Software developers who want to enhance their programming knowledge
  • Professionals in the field who want to keep up with rapid industry changes
  • Graduating students or career changers looking to enter the software field
  • Engineers that need programming training for their projects
  • Individuals learning programming for personal applications
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10 Sources for Free Computer Programming Courses Online
10 Sources for Free Computer Programming Courses Online
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