Boston University Certificate Programs

March 16, 2016
Boston University - Online

Boston University Online certificate programs are an excellent option for students who seek professional advancement without immediately committing to a degree program, or for those who may already have an advanced degree and seek to update their knowledge and skills.

Boston University Online currently offers several certificates at the graduate level. These short-term, four-course programs deliver intensive and specialized training, and in many cases credits earned toward a graduate certificate may be directly transferred toward a master’s degree—just in case you decide you’d like to continue studying. You can apply for any of the online certificate programs at any time—classes begin six times throughout the year.

And of course, because they are offered online, Boston University Online certificates provide both the flexibility and the prestige you’re looking for in an academic program. If you’re still curious about how our online degrees and programs work, be sure to read about What to Expect on the Prospective Students page.

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