Accredited Gunsmithing Schools Online

January 19, 2017
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In gunsmithing training courses, students learn to use hand and machine tools to make and shape gun parts, and they learn how to read blueprints for building a gun. These programs are generally one to two years long and offered by colleges or technical schools. Most consist of 10 to 25 courses on the basics of the gunsmithing trade. Prospective gunsmithing students must be legally allowed to possess firearms. Some programs may require a high school diploma or GED or require that students clear a background check prior to enrollment.

Introductory courses cover firearm safety, welding techniques, and the basics of gun repair work. Advanced courses will cover particular skills, such as composite stock-making and gun metal finishing, using chemical and mechanical processes. Finally, students will learn about the local, state, and federal regulations that professional gunsmiths must adhere to. These certificate programs can be great preparation for becoming a firearms repair specialist; they can also be used to open a custom gun business.

Online Gunsmithing Certificates

Gunsmiths use various hand tools and machines to repair and modify firearms. Many gunsmiths prepare for practice by enrolling in a certificate or associate degree programs. Certificate programs take a shorter time to complete and equip students with theoretical and technical knowledge in gunsmithing. These programs are offered by colleges and trade schools. Upon program completion, graduates can be employed as gunsmiths and undertake various tasks in general gunsmithing. Students with little gun experience can use the certificate to begin a formal apprenticeship with a master gunsmith. With experience, those who wish to venture into self-employment can establish their own shops, dealing with firearms repair and related services.

A gunsmithing certificate will teach students about the art and craft of building and repairing firearms. There are a few levels of gunsmith certifications available, ranging from entry level to gunsmith masters. The level you choose will determine the amount of time the certification program requires for completion. The online certificate in gunsmithing provides a general introduction to working with wood and metal in the context of firearms repair and gunsmithing. Students gain a number of general shopt skills, as well as repair knowledge specific to firearms technology. Depending on the certificate, students may be able to focus their coursework more toward gun repair or toward custom gunsmithing.

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