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December 6, 2020
Colleges: Wasc Accredited
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Claiming to have the largest distance-learning program in California, California State University, Dominguez Hills offers multiple online undergraduate degrees, master degrees and certificate programs. The distance learning program utilizes many different forms of media for matriculated students, allowing for easy access to course lectures and materials. Every week, over 20 hours of lectures and other interactive programming are broadcasted on cable television, the internet and mobile devices. The university's main distance learning channel, DHTV, has an archive of videos that can be found through the DHTV YouTube channel. The main technical platform used by the school for all online courses is Blackboard.

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California State University at East Bay provides opportunities for students to gain a bachelor's or master's degree, or obtain a credential or certificate fully online. Some of the online programs offered include: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a master's in education leadership, and a master's of science in healthcare administration. The university offers a wide variety of certificate and credential courses online with a large amount focused on the field of education and teacher's continuing education. The continuing education courses for teachers are required to be completed one year from their start date.

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The online program at California State University Channel Islands is offered through its extended university and international programs department. The university currently offers a Bachelor of Science degree in business. The program is offered in a complete online format for students looking for flexibility in their continuing education, and provides students with general education courses at lower and upper division levels that reach into other academic disciplines of biology, chemistry, education and history. The core courses of the online degree program emphasize business fundamentals and economics. Before completing the program students take a capstone class that emphasizes applying their education to global strategies.

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There are two online degree programs offered by California State University, Fullerton: a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration. Course materials for each program can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing for maximum student flexibility. Additionally, course materials can be reviewed an unlimited amount of times for thorough study. Prospective students can access an online course demonstration through the FAQ page of the university's online degrees and programs website. Applicants are encouraged to contact a pre-application reviewer or advisor at the university to get more specific information about each online program.

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University of La Verne offers a WASC-accredited distance learning degree in several areas, but courses are offered to California residents only. All prospective students must have completed at least 28 transferrable credit hours from another college before applying to the online program. Freshman composition is not offered by the online program and must be completed before applying. Topics of study include business administration, public administration, organizational management and a master's in business. The University of La Verne offers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree plans. Students in the bachelor's or master's programs will complete and submit all assignments electronically using the Blackboard system.

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Through Hope International University's online degree programs, students can achieve a bachelor's degree with the same one-on-one attention provided in the traditional classroom, plus have 24/7 access to class materials and extra flexibility - allowing them to simultaneously establish their career while handling their busy schedules. Students may choose from library studies, teacher preparation, business administration, Christian ministry, and human development. An online associate's degree is also available for students just getting started with their education. Admission requires completion of the online application; a 250-word essay describing the student's five year plan and how the student will overcome their two greatest challenges while attending HIU; and submission of transcripts.

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Touro University offers associate, bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees with fields of study in business, psychology, health and human services, and general studies. TUW is WSCUC-accredited...

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