Nationally accredited Online Colleges list

September 3, 2019
An online degree in Miami

Online education is unquestioningly a boon for students in need of higher education. Online learning reduces costs, speeds up the learning process and allows students to learn from any location. With interest in online education increasing, schools are racing to offer online classes.

The value of an education, online of off, depends on the quality of the institution that provides that education. One way that online schools prove this value to their students is by being fully accredited. Accreditation is the process by which schools are independently evaluated and proven to be legitimate educational institutions.

The University of Florida was established in 1853. This college currently offers degrees in nearly 200 specialties. The school is consistently ranked among the best schools globally. An innovative leader in education, the University of Florida is one of the America’s leading nationally accredited online colleges.

The University of Florida is the oldest university in the state of Florida. This school is particularly proud of its reputation and academic traditions. The online offerings of the University of Florida reflect the same kind of comprehensive educational experience offered by the University’s traditional classes.

Kaplan University is one of the first schools to offer an online degree program. As such, accreditation was a particularly important component of the viability of this university.
Kaplan offers a number of graduate level degree programs.

As part of Kaplan University’s academic culture, Kaplan seeks out instructors who are well trained in their fields. Nearly all of the instructors at Kaplan have advanced degrees. The number of fully qualified instructors sets Kaplan apart from many competing online colleges.

The University Of Phoenix is the most recognize online college. As an aggressively advertised online institution, the University of Phoenix uses its fully accredited status to draw students from all over the world. Online classes offered by the University of Phoenix offer students the sort of practical experience that employers most value.

From its inception, the University of Phoenix has worked to educated working adults and others with unconventional educational needs. By taking these needs in mind from its start, this school has contributed to the educational goals of countless students. This tradition continues in the online offerings that the university provides.

Ohio based Tiffin University is a smaller school than most of the others on this list. What Tiffin University lacks in size, it tries to make up for in class offerings. Online learning at Tiffin features small class sizes and a focus on individual student attention.

Tiffin University offers completely online degree programs as well as programs, which combine online coursework with university attendance. In blending these teaching styles,
Tiffin offers its students the best of both worlds. Though small in stature Tiffin University’s commitment to student satisfaction and quality of educational experience make it an online college worth considering.

Miami Dade College is a school based in Miami Florida. In addition to completely online courses, this college offers a hybrid learning option. In the hybrid program, students complete some coursework online, while also taking classes on campus.

Nearly a quarter of a million students attend classes at Miami Dade College each year. This active student body has created a student-centric culture at the school. The policy of helping students achieve their educational goals continues into Miami Dade College’s online offerings as well.

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