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October 6, 2016

cheap online colleges ranking badgeStudents will find a wide variety of schools among cheap online colleges and universities. Some have been around for a while and offer a wide range of programs, while others are only beginning. There are three things these best accredited online colleges colleges online have in common: incredibly low tuition, offering online programs, and regional accreditation. Some of the schools are established in online education, while others are just beginning to offer online degree programs.

Featured schools

This list provides the name and brief description of each of our featured cheap accredited online colleges, along with the average undergraduate tuition and the number of online degree programs currently offered. The ranking methodology for our top online universities is simple: The schools are ranked according to the cost of their average undergraduate tuition. All other information, such as the number of programs, is provide relevant information to the reader. The goal of this list is to provide information about top online colleges whose tuition is significantly below the average cost of obtaining a college degree.

When schools offered different tuition to state residents, and non-residents, the non-resident tuition was used. The tuition numbers were sourced from National Center for Education Statistics College Navigator Database. Actual tuition may vary slightly, as some schools bill less for online programs than traditional programs, though they rarely bill more. The numbers provided are reflective of tuition only, and do not include the costs of housing, fees, or books.

Mayville State University offers seven different undergraduate programs online. Courses can be taken on a full or part-time basis according to the students needs. The online offerings focus on teaching and professional programs including business and nursing.

Number of Programs: 7 Undergraduate
Tuition:$8, 675

This top online college is one of many smaller state schools dipping their toes into the cheap online college degree market. Online education has become more established as major universities start to develop best practices. This allows smaller universities not able to bear the expense of such trial and error to begin adopting those practices and slowly developing their own online programs.

Number of Online College Programs: 3 Undergraduate
Tuition:$8, 612

TESC is one of the most established public online university initiatives. Offering a massive selection of bachelor’s degrees, TESC seeks to fully harness online education for students seeking to complete a degree at a cheap accredited online college. TESC allows an unlimited number of transfer credits, and allows students to CLEP classes and receive full credit for those classes from the school.

Number of Online College Degree Programs: 27 Undergraduate, 8 Graduate
Tuition: $8, 395

This top online university prides itself at being on the forefront of modern education. In recent years, this has meant beginning to offer online programs. While there are not many offered currently, the pace at which schools are adding online programs continues to increase, meaning that within a few years there will more selection.

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