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June 7, 2016
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Michigan Jewish Institute provides online learning options at the undergraduate level to students interested in expanding their religious education. Online college programs include a Bachelor's of Science degree in Judaic Studies with concentrations in areas such as education and leadership. The school, accredited through the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools, also provides related certificates and degrees to choose from.

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Baker College's online programs are available for earning certificate, associate and bachelor's degrees. Classes follow a set schedule similar to that of in-person courses, with specific start and end dates, and due dates for assignments throughout the semester. However, they are asynchronous, allowing students to view material and complete coursework at any time before the given deadlines. All online programs can be completed fully from a distance, with no campus visits required. The courses are smaller than those on campus, with only 12-15 students per class. Students can communicate with one another and with professors through the Blackboard system, and with email and discussion board.

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Sienna Heights University offers fully online college degrees to students who want to complete an undergraduate education via distance learning. E-learning courses are eight weeks in length and feature weekly discussion threads. The university is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission, and provides degrees in areas that include business administration, multidisciplinary studies, and professional communications.

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The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor offers online college master's programs in engineering. Students from throughout the United States and nearly 50 countries have received their degree through the program. All courses use the CTools management system and are self-paced. Non-candidates for the degree can be introduced to courses before applying to U-M or another institution. Visitors taking classes for no credit are also allowed.

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Grace Bible College offers undergraduate, graduate and online programs that can be taken along two- orfour-year degree tracks. With a Christ-centered and biblical core, this small, close-knit college provides a curriculum that prepares students for the evolving needs of the society around them. On campus students will attend twice weekly chapel services and Ministry Labs. Online students can earn an Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Science in leadership/ministry. Online courses are offered asynchronously for students convenience and flexibility and with the option of taking classes in an accelerated format. Online degree programs operate on a weekly basis using the Blackboard learning management system.

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Lawrence Technological University offers online college programs for bachelor's degrees in business administration or information technology, and master's degrees in business administration, architecture, educational technology, engineering, and information systems. The University also offers certificate programs and all courses include Blackboard software. Lawrence Technological University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

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Students can obtain bachelor's and master's degrees in addition to certificates through Wayne University's online college program. Some degrees are offered fully online, while others only have some online course options. Most instructors administer tests online, though some ask students to take proctored exams at testing centers. Many classes utilize Blackboard learning software, Skype, and Wimba.

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Central Michigan University's global campus offers undergraduate and graduate-level certificates and degrees. Most online college courses require students to take at least one, in-person proctored exam and online classes may also meet online at scheduled time for chat sessions. All classes use Blackboard software and material is available at any time.

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Rochester College is a Christian-centered institution of higher learning that has values deeply rooted in faith, leadership and innovation. The college offers undergraduate degrees as well as adult and professional programs for a wide range of topic areas, including Biblical studies and ministries, accounting, business, education, digital and broadcast media, nursing, sports management, psychology, journalism and public relations, and music. Students will benefit from their Integrated Learning Model, which emphasizes a liberal arts curriculum and focuses on teaching critical thinking, effective communication skills and scholarly research. Online classes are offered using Moodle learning management system. Undergraduates can earn a Bachelor of Science in leadership entirely online.

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Cornerstone University Online, or CU Online, offers adult learners degrees in business, education, and ministry. The University also has individual online college courses. Textbooks and other learning resources can be accessed on mobile devices. Cornerstone University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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